Green Energy Offers the Promise of a Sustainable Future

We've all heard "green energy" popping up in the national conversation over the past few years, and it's important to understand why. In addition to reducing our collective impact on the environment, embracing an aggressive green energy strategy has the potential to create thousands of jobs for Americans and move us as a nation toward the ultimate goal of energy independence.

What is green energy?

Green energy is a catch-all term for energy generated by renewable resources. These resources include things such as wind, water, sunlight and biological matter/waste. Each is harnessed and converted to energy in a different way, whether that entails windmills, dams, solar panels or transformation into a combustible fuel.

Why is green energy important?

Unlike fossil fuels, which are used to produce "brown" energy, renewable resources have infinite reserves. By reducing or even eliminating our dependence on finite fossil fuel resources, the global population will be able to continue consuming as much energy as we do without creating damaging side effects to our planet's ecosystems.

Pennsylvania is already pushing in the right direction. The state has established a green energy mandate, requiring that 18% of all electricity used by the state needs to be produced with renewable resources by 2020. With this coming mandate, now is the time to learn more about green energy!